What is Mukti for Social Development Incorporated?

Mukti for Social Development Incorporated (Mukti Inc) is a non-profit socio-economic development organisation established as
an Other Unincorporated Entity in Sept 2010 by a group of energetic people from Australia.

How and when did Mukti start?

The pioneering body, Mukti, was established in 2003 by a few enthusiastic people of Sunderban, India. Having grown up in underprivileged Sunderban families,
these pioneers experienced the infrastructural and economic hardships of life. Hence, they decided to involve educated and energetic local youth in various
community development projects to redress some of the intrinsic problems. This vision led to the foundation of Mukti. Initially they put the money from
their own pocket and developed small projects in this area. After getting a good response from local people of Sunderban, they were encouraged to continue
their good work and spread their idea and mission to other part of India. Eventually Mukti become an all India based non-profit organization.
Now it has sister organizations in many parts of the world, USA, Germany, Qatar.

What does the word 'Mukti' mean?

In English the word 'Mukti' means 'liberation'. Mukti helps people to liberate from poverty (to improve the livelihood),
illiteracy (to improve the level of basic knowledge and awareness) and diseases (to provide a healthy atmosphere to live).

Which geographical area will Mukti Inc try to develop?

Mukti Inc is not bounded by any region or country. Wherever the underprivileged, illiterate, poor and backward people need help, Mukti volunteers
are ready to help them. Since we are a small organization with limited resources including funds we are not always able to provide solution to every cause.
Initially, the parent body started at southern part of West Bengal, namely 'Sunderban' area. Later they successfully executed many projects in many parts of India.

Does Mukti Inc have any political, community or religious affiliations?

No, Mukti Inc has no affiliations with any group. Decisions by the governing body are made based on social and
economic needs without any prejudice to religion, community, creed, gender or other group.

How does Mukti Inc choose what type of project to work in?

Mukti Inc would adopt the established process set by Mukti. Firstly problems are identified. Secondly a proper survey or analysis of the problem would be done.
Thirdly, the board members would discuss the issues and surveys to decide whether Mukti can provide a solution. If the board members agree to deal with the issues,
a solution (we call it as 'project') would be devised. Estimation of project funding would be done during this phase. Once the board members agree on the solution,
the project proposal, guidelines & manuals would be given to a project team. A funding team would prepare proposals for presentation to various interested bodies
(Govt., non-profit funding org etc.) to arrange for funds. Once funding is received, a project implementation team would carry out the implementation of the solution.